14 - 18 October 2018

Bilbao, Spain

It has been brought to our attention that various third party companies have been contacting Euro PM2018 exhibition personnel with regards to hotel reservations in Bilbao. Please note that these companies have not been authorised to handle hotel accommodation for the Euro PM2018 Congress & Exhibition, and are not affiliated with the event, nor EPMA in any way. Although they may appear very knowledgeable about both the event and the hotels in Bilbao, we advise delegates and exhibitors to not use such companies and to be alert should they receive such a telephone call or email.

An advance reservation of rooms has been made for Euro PM2018 delegates by Bco Congresos, details of which are available on the Hotel Information page.

To book your hotel accommodation, please book via the Bco Congresos service, or book through your preferred and trusted travel agent or booking website.


Bilbao Exhibition Centre (BEC)

The Euro PM2018 Congress & Exhibition will take place at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre (BEC) (Ronda de Azkue 1 48902 Ansio-Barakaldo, Spain) www.bilbaoexhibitioncentre.com

BEC - Entrance Hall


Bilbao is located in the North-East of Spain, in the Basque region, near the Bay of Biscay. The Bilbao Exhibition Centre (BEC) is located adjacent to the Ansio Metro Station on Line 2 of the Metro, which can be accessed from, and take you to, the city centre.

A Bilbao Canal at Night

Reaching BEC

BEC is located adjacent to the ‘Ansio’ metro station on Line 2 of the Metro, which can be accessed from, and take you to, the city centre. A metro ticket for 2 zones costs approximately €1.80. If you would like to go straight from Bilbao Airport to your hotel in Bilbao city centre, either a taxi (most taxis are cash only), or public transport are excellent options. The Termibus can be caught from Floor 3 of Bilbao Airport, bus number A3247, which can take you into the city centre (ticket zone 1&2 is €1.45), then if needed you can get on the metro to get to your hotel.

To travel straight from Bilbao Airport to BEC, it is either a 20 minute car or taxi journey (around €30, and most taxi’s are cash only), or via public transport it is a 50-75 minute journey with 1 change. Take the Termibus from Floor 3 of Bilbao Airport, bus number A3247 to Moyua Plaza (Ticket for zone 1&2: €1.45), cross the plaza to Metro line 2 (Red) and get on at Moyua station (ticket for 2 zones: €1.80), then exit the train at 'Ansio' metro station, this is just outside the BEC (Total cost via public transport €3.25).

Timetable For The Termibus A3247

Bus Schedule Airport Bilbao

Bus Schedule Bilbao Airport

Travel to Bibao

By Plane

Bilbao Airport is 13 km from BEC.

Bilbao International Airport offers more than 600 flights a week, directly linking up with Amsterdam, Athens, Berlin, Brussels, Bucharest, Dublin, Dubrovnik, Düsseldorf, Istanbul, Frankfurt, Funchal, Geneva, Lisbon, London (Heathrow and Stansted), Manchester, Marrakesh, Milan, Munich, Oslo, Paris (Charles De Gaulle and Orly), Prague, Rome, Santorini, Stuttgart, Tunis and Venice in an average of 1 to 3 hours. It also offers connections with the main cities in Spain.

By Train or Bus

Ansio metro station on Line 2 of the Underground, with an exit to the trade fair site (BEC North Entrance) links BEC to the centre of Bilbao.

Long distance trains: Renfe connects Bilbao with Europe and the rest of Spain.

The long distance Renfe station in Bilbao (Abando) connects directly with BEC via Line 2 of the Underground.

By Car

Continental Europe: Bilbao  is 8 hours from Paris by car, with connections to other major cities along the route: Donostia-San Sebastian (100 km), Bayonne (150 km), Biarritz (150 km), Pau, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Limoges, Tours and many more.

Central Spain: Madrid is 4 hours away by car, passing through Vitoria-Gasteiz (60 km), and Burgos (150 km). The capital of Spain connects Bilbao with the Castilian Plateau, a region where the cities of Valladolid, Segovia, Salamanca and Toledo are located.

Southern Spain, Barcelona and the Mediterranean: It is a 6-hour journey to travel to Barcelona, along a route that passes through Logroño and Zaragoza, or alternatively Pamplona (130 km). The capital of Catalonia opens Bilbao up to the Mediterranean axis, both in Spain (Valencia, Majorca and Ibiza, Costa Brava, Costa del Sol…) and in France (Montpellier, French Riviera)

Cantabrian (Bay of Biscay) area: Santander is just an hour from Bilbao travelling westwards (100 km.) with onward connections to cities like Oviedo, Gijón, Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña and Vigo, which is very close to Portugal.

From Vitoria-Madrid, on the A-8 towards “Santander” junction 8: Barakaldo/ BEC

From Santander, on the A-8 towards “Bilbao”, join the N637 towards Barakaldo/ BEC

From San Sebastian-France, on the N637 towards “Santander” Barakaldo/ BEC

EPMA have been made aware that certain companies are sending out spam emails claiming to be selling data relating to EuroPM2018. Any information claiming to be held by these such companies should be assumed as spam and any emails received from such companies should be deleted. EPMA does not sell any data, nor is it shared with such third parties.

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