14 - 18 October 2018

Bilbao, Spain

Mr Peter BrewinThis award from the EPMA was introduced in 2014 to celebrate the contribution made over many years by Dr Peter Brewin to the Association, both on its Board and Council, as well as his successful period as Technical Director from 2001 - 2007. It forms an important and public recognition of the contribution made by poster authors to the EPMA's annual Euro PM Congress, being the largest and most prestigious Powder Metallurgy specific congress in Europe.

Peter Brewin remains a key supporter of the EPMA.

The award winners, who, in the opinion of an independent panel of three judges, submitted and displayed the best overall poster at the event, receive a plaque and an honorarium of €250.

The Peter Brewin Poster Award winner for 2018 is:

A Novel Industrial Test Artifact for the Evaluation of Dimensional Capabilities of Metallic Additive Manufacturing Systems

Dr Ing Ali Aidibe
École de technologie supérieure, Canada

In the Design for Manufacturing (DFM) approach, the roles of tolerancing and process capability arefundamental for the product and process design integration. The metrology challenges of metalAdditive Manufacturing (AM) are currently hindering a more widespread adoption of this promisingprocess in the aerospace industry. This paper proposes an industrial-based geometric test artifact evaluate the metrological performances of AM laser powder bed fusion systems. The considered artifacwas built using Inconel 718 powder and subjected to a comprehensive metrological analysis in terms the geometric and dimensional measurements (GD&T), wall thickness and roughness evaluations. Theeffects of scalability, the artifact sub-elements horizontal (X,Y) and vertical (Z) positions in respect to the base plate, and the AM post-processing steps were also addressed. A consistent shift of 40 micronin the median of the profile deviations after the part removal/sand blasting was noticed, requiring specific attention from the designers.

Peter Brewen Poster Award Winner 2018 - Dr Ing Ali Aidibe

EPMA Peter Brewin Poster Award Winner - Dr Ing Ali Aidibe with Euro PM2018 TPC Co-Chair Prof Herbert Danninger

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