14 - 18 October 2018

Bilbao, Spain

Magazine Area

Euro PM2018 provided the following magazines for the benefit of our delegates, available in the magazine area and online.

3D Adept

3D Adept

3D Adept is a Communication Company dedicated to the 3D printing industry.
3D Adept Media provides the latest trends and analysis in the 3D printing industry English & French. Our media include online media and a bimonthly magazine, 3D Adept Mag. All issues of 3D Adept Mag are available to download free of charge.
Our mission is to help any company develop its services and activities in the 3D printing industry.



Aluminium International Today Aluminium International Today

Aluminium International Today is dedicated to all sectors of the international aluminium manufacturing and processing industry. It contains global news, events, and statistics, as well as detailed technical articles, company and country profiles, conference reports and regional economic briefings.
The journal has evolved since its formation in 1989. It has embraced the digital age and publishes news regularly on its website. It also publishes a free weekly newsletter sent to more than 20,000 industry professionals.



Additive Manufacturing Today

Additive Manufacturing Today

Additive Manufacturing Today offers a trusted information source for the latest news articles and videos about the additive manufacturing industry. Popular topics covered on the site include the latest additive manufacturing and 3d printing equipment, materials, case studies, acquisitions and industry events. Additive Manufacturing Today focuses on high-value production applications of additive manufacturing including: aerospace engines and rockets, medical implants & surgical tools, and complex industrial end-use parts. The site also covers the latest advances in the additive manufacturing field including new industrial 3d printers, new materials and metal powders, and government led research and development including new industrial 3d printers, new materials and metal powders, and government led research and development..



Ceramic Applications Ceramic Applications

CERAMIC APPLICATIONS is the platform for advances in the development of ceramic components and systems for sustainable, economic applications in their wide range of industrial sectors. Design engineers need regular updates on innovative applications of ceramic materials as they can provide extraordinary combinations of mechanical, electrical, thermal and chemical properties for enhanced system engineering. CERAMIC APPLICATIONS aims to bridge the knowledge of ceramic manufacturers and the design engineers in the various industrial user sectors.



Ceramic Forum International Ceramic Forum International

CFI - Ceramic Forum International is the technical-scientific journal for the ceramic industry and provides a global overview of state-of-the-art technology and processes for all market sectors with a focus on tiles, tableware, sanitary ware, heavy clay and advanced ceramics, raw materials, refractories and powder metallurgy. CFI is the official main media partner of ceramitec 2018.



Diamante A&T Magazine Diamante A&T Magazine

Diamante A&T is a quarterly international magazine featuring articles on diamond tools technology and industrial diamond applications in stone, building and mechanical sectors. First published in 1995 by G&M Associated, Diamante A&T is the leading magazine for tools manufacturers, distributors and end users thanks to the quality of its articles always a step ahead in reporting new researches and latest technologies.



Journal of Powder Metallurgy & Mining Journal of Powder Metallurgy and Mining

Journal of Powder Metallurgy & Mining is a leading international journal for publication of new ideas, the state of the art research results and fundamental advances in all aspects of Metallurgy & Mining. It is an open access, peer reviewed international journal with a primary objective to provide the academic community and industry for the submission of original research and applications.



Metal Additive Manufacturing Metal Additive Manufacturing

Metal Additive Manufacturing magazine is the leading news source for commercial and technical developments in the metal AM industry. Published quarterly in print and online, each issue features a number of exclusive in-depth articles and special features on metal Additive Manufacturing, as well as our extensive industry news rundown. Each new issue of Metal AM, as well as the complete archive, is available to download free of charge.



Metal Powder Report Metal Powder Report

Metal Powder Report - the premier international and independent magazine for the powder metallurgy industry.

  • News of industry developments and product launches
  • General and technical features
  • Research articles on leading-edge technology
  • Company profiles
  • Industry Comment
  • Literature reviews
  • Events diary
  • Product finder



Powder Injection Moulding International Powder Injection Moulding International

PIM International is the only publication dedicated to serving the global PIM industry, comprising the metal and ceramic injection moulding sectors. Each issue includes specially commissioned features from industry experts covering end-user markets, regional developments and process innovations. We also regularly report on visits to PIM companies around the world.



Powder MetallurgyPowder Metallurgy Journal

Powder Metallurgy is an international journal publishing peer-reviewed original research on the science and practice of powder metallurgy and particulate technology. Coverage includes metallic particulate materials, PM tool materials, hard materials, composites, and novel powder based materials.
The journal is included in the Science Citation Index and Scopus amongst others.
Editors: Professor H Danninger, Vienna University of Technology, Austria and Professor J M Torralba, IMDEA-Materials, Madrid, Spain.



Powder Metallurgy Review Powder Metallurgy Review

Powder Metallurgy Review is the international magazine for the Powder Metallurgy industry. Each issue focuses on the latest developments and technological innovations in the PM industry, including ferrous and non-ferrous components, hard metals, high alloy steels, superalloys, and more. Published quarterly, it is available as a free digital download or through subscription to our print edition.



Refractories World Forum Refractories Worldforum

Refractories Worldforum is the most comprehensive technical and scientific journal for the global refractories sector: production of refractories, industries processing and consuming refractories, raw materials and additives, plant and machine suppliers.
Refractories Worldforum builds a bridge between industry and science.



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