14 - 18 October 2018

Bilbao, Spain

It has been brought to our attention that various third party companies have been contacting Euro PM2018 exhibition personnel with regards to hotel reservations in Bilbao. Please note that these companies have not been authorised to handle hotel accommodation for the Euro PM2018 Congress & Exhibition, and are not affiliated with the event, nor EPMA in any way. Although they may appear very knowledgeable about both the event and the hotels in Bilbao, we advise delegates and exhibitors to not use such companies and to be alert should they receive such a telephone call or email.

An advance reservation of rooms has been made for Euro PM2018 delegates by Bco Congresos, details of which are available on the Hotel Information page.

To book your hotel accommodation, please book via the Bco Congresos service, or book through your preferred and trusted travel agent or booking website.

Dr Lionel Aboussouan EPMA, United Kingdom
Mr Andrew Almond EPMA, United Kingdom
Miss Kate Blackbourne EPMA, United Kingdom
Prof Francisco Castro CEIT, Spain
Dr Olivier Coube EPMA, France
Prof Herbert Danninger Vienna Technical University, Austria
Mr Philippe Gundermann Eramet Group, France
Mrs Arantza Iruzun Sáes de Maturana Stadler SA, Spain
Mr Jordi Macarulla CEP-EPMA, Spain
Dipl.-Ing. Nestor Martinez PMG Asturias, Spain
Dr Cesar Molins Ames SA, Spain
Mr Manel Pérez-Latre PMG Polmetasa, Spain
Mr René Zaragüeta CEP-EPMA, Spain

The EPMA would like to express its gratitude to members of the Euro PM2018 Local Committee for their generous help and support during the organisation of the event.

EPMA have been made aware that certain companies are sending out spam emails claiming to be selling data relating to EuroPM2018. Any information claiming to be held by these such companies should be assumed as spam and any emails received from such companies should be deleted. EPMA does not sell any data, nor is it shared with such third parties.

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