14 - 18 October 2018

Bilbao, Spain

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The Manufacturing Technologies Association
The Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA) is the UK’s trade association for companies in the manufacturing technology sector. MTA members design, manufacture and supply the advanced machinery, equipment and intellectual property that enable the creation of the products we rely on from day to day and that drive our economy.

Key aspects of manufacturing technology include; machine tools, cutting tools, additive manufacturing (3D printing), metrology (measuring) equipment, surface finishing, robotics and computer aided design and manufacturing products (CAD/CAM), as well as the technology which is enabling the digitisation of manufacturing – the fourth industrial revolution.

The MTA delivers: marketing support and networking opportunities; specific and relevant economic and technical information; representation to Government and other stakeholders; help for exporters; and support for learning and development within member companies and beyond. The MTA also owns and runs MACH, the UK’s premier event to showcase manufacturing technologies.
62 Bayswater Road
W2 3PS
United Kingdom
James Fudge
+44 20 7298 6400
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